The Maremma and natural wine

Wine Bike Trekking among the vines

Get to know the Maremma and natural wine by discovering the beauty of landscapes cultivated with respect for biodiversity, the rhythms of nature and living beings.
A route to be taken by bike or on
horseback while tasting excellent natural wines, accompanied by the producers.

Discovering natural wine

Trekking with tasting sessions

The trek, which can be done by bike or on horseback, crosses the natural wine territories and touches on points of interest in terms of landscape and history.
During the two stops you can taste natural wines or have a snack based on local products at the wineries.

Wine Bike Trekking

New every year

Natural wine: alive and dynamic

Our natural wine is authentic, alive and dynamic. It is produced through spontaneous fermentation of the must and without the addition of any substances. The grapes from which it comes are grown exclusively using biodynamic methods. Natural wine is an ancient and new food that changes every year.

biodiversity and care

Biodynamic farming: our method

Biodynamic agriculture is a method that respects biodiversity, takes care of the fertility of the soil and the health of the plants, using only natural substances and no chemicals. The three VinAma farms use only the biodynamic method to produce their natural wine.

Conviviality and wine

VinAma and us

Our shared passion for biodynamic agriculture,natural wine and conviviality led to the decision to collaborate in order to spread the culture of natural wine and to make the special features of this product known. VinAma was born spontaneously, like our wine, to share with everyone the (excellent) reasons for our choice.

We and VinAma

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